Image by Ian Schneider

What is Career Development Coaching?  

Career coaching is for anyone feeling unfulfilled or needing help and guidance to reach their full potential as opposed to therapy, where the focus is on resolving difficulties arising from the past that hamper an individual's emotional functioning in the present.

The key with any reason is that you must be willing and ready to take action and implement the changes. If you are prepared to put in the work and want to achieve your full potential, now is the perfect time for career coaching.


Individuals change careers multiple times in their lifetime, and whilst sometimes this is through choice, the changes can sometimes be forced upon you. To handle what comes your way, you need to develop adaptability skills and self-awareness of how your skills align with the world of work. As a level 7 CDI career development professional, I am qualified to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to successfully navigate any career transitions you may face.


This means that I can help build your self-awareness to understand your skills and point you in the right direction to learn any new ones you require. Equipped with the knowledge of multiple theoretical perspectives and approaches, I can help improve your decision-making and career management abilities and make sense of any career problems you may be currently experiencing. So you can find potential solutions. 


I also deliver employability workshops in marketing and networking and work with organisations helping them to design and develop their career management programmes. 


My training also means I can work with labour market information (LMI) and can help you understand LMI and any future skill needs. With my business background, I can explore self-employment and starting your own business and be an impartial soundboard for any business ideas you may have.


Combining my career development training and business background means I can offer specialised career coaching services, looking at the world of work from an organisational and individual perspective. Helping you understand what employers are looking for from their employees. We can even conduct one of the sessions as a mock interview with feedback to build self-confidence


As a coach, I will not judge but listen, remain impartial, and help you find a brighter, more self-empowered future. Every area of our lives is interconnected, and as such, coaching is a holistic process. Even with business coaching, every part of your life is interconnected and affects who you are and how you act and react to the changes you may face.

​As a CDI member, I abide by the CDI Code of Ethics and its principles relating to, Accessibility; Accountability; Autonomy, Competence, Confidentiality; Continuous Professional Development; Duty of Care; Equality, Impartiality; Transparency and Trustworthiness.