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Youth Career Coaching

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

 E.E Cummings

Youth Career Coaching - Image by James Baldwin

As a trained level 7 career development consultant and mentor, I provide a safe, impartial, non-judgemental coaching environment where I help young build their self-confidence and self-efficacy, increase their problem-solving skills, explore various career paths and identify the right choices that suit their interests and abilities, so that they may make informed career decisions.

Career guidance is excellent for helping young people feel more confident about their academic potential, as it can help them develop a growth mindset. It can also leave them feeling more enthusiastic and motivated about their learning, which increases attainment and helps to keep students focused and present when in class.

Youth Career Coaching is suitable for those aged 18 years and under.


I'm enhanced DBS checked and fully insured.

Locations: Youth Career Coaching 1-2-1 sessions last 60 minutes and take place online via Zoom or Teams. I accept bookings from clients in the UK, Europe and the USA. Those under the age of 18 years will need a parent or guardian to agree to the 'terms of service'.

"The call was fantastic - we had an initial chat to discuss what I would like to work on so that Emily could better understand what it was that I was looking to achieve from the session, and I was asked to complete a short questionnaire and make a list of my strengths and weaknesses so that the session could be tailored to me. During the call, we set some small tasks for me to complete which were very simple things that I could do to help me achieve my goals. I really enjoyed the session and I have already implemented many of the things we discussed. I would definitely recommend to anyone who may be considering coaching."

Jessica Smith, Career Coaching

What is Youth Coaching?

A youth career coach is a highly trained professional who works in various settings, including schools and colleges, offering comprehensive career guidance and coaching interventions to young people. They help young people identify suitable career paths, employability, education and training options based on their interests, aptitudes, and skills. The youth career coach also helps with academic development and builds self-awareness, self-confidence, and well-being.


Young people can benefit from working with a youth coach in many ways, including identifying SMART goals, improving their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and taking accountability for their actions and decisions. The youth career coach works closely with young people to build lasting relationships and provide ongoing support and guidance as they navigate their career paths. A youth career coach is a valuable resource for young people looking to make informed decisions about their future.

Youth Coaching - Be Career SMART!

Youth Career Coaching Provides a Safe Space to Grow

Youth Career Coaching - Image by Helena Lopes

Potential Areas to Explore

  • CVS: Career advice on how to structure CVs and cover letters.

  • Applications: Mock interviews and guidance on university personal statements.

  • Problem-solve: Develop the skills needed to solve current and future problems.

  • Role-Play: Improve communication, nonverbal and verbal skills.

  • Support: Help at educational transition points to identify suitable options.

  • Growth: Build resistance and remain more resilient throughout life stresses.

  • Safe Space: A supportive space to discuss more profound issues like bullying.

  • Goals: Create SMART goals and develop a roadmap to achieving them. 

  • Networking: Learn how to build friendships and how to sustain networks.

  • Decisions: Identify strengths, weaknesses and reasons for choosing subjects.

  • Exams: Reduce stress and avoidance by putting in place positive study habits.

  • Soundboard: Impartial sounding board for students to reflect upon their lives.

  • Organisation: Help to plan, organise and prioritise life and school work.


Want to Know More?

I offer expert youth mentoring and guidance to students and young people looking to embark on a successful career path, with a focus on personal growth and development and tailored career advice sessions.


Take the first step towards a brighter future by booking a free 20-minute discovery call today.

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