I enjoy helping people achieve their career goals

I’m a level 7 registered career development consultant (RCDP) who can help you find clarity and empowerment. Based in the UK, I work worldwide with clients. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced professional, I can help you take your career to the next level. 


Career Coaching enables you to enjoy more purpose and fulfilment from your work and can also help you create a healthier work-life balance.

My extensive training and business background enables me to help many people. While I may work with clients on their; LinkedIn profiles, resume and cover letters, interviewing skills, job search skills and training advice. I also work on other areas like managing stress, communication skills, and building confidence and self-esteem. 


Coaching is a holistic experience; you can’t have a happy work life if your personal life is out of sync. Likewise, if you’re feeling unfulfilled by work, and it’s starting to affect your relationships, career coaching can help with this. In taking action and creating momentum, you can feel direction and energy from the first session.

If you’re feeling stuck or at a crossroads, I can help you find clarity and develop better decision-making skills to handle the challenges you may encounter in life more effectively. Together we will explore what you need and want from life and work and create a clearer picture. So that you can find potential solutions for any career problems you may be currently experiencing.

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My Business Background

I have 20+ years of business management and mentoring experience. I am also the Managing Director of the international company Reflections Talent Agency, a global company whose clients have performed worldwide in some fantastic projects for the past ten years.

In career guidance, I have worked with companies like Shaw Trust as an advocate for the unemployed, helping clients build their self-awareness and confidence, interviewing skills, and finding suitable work. I am Passionate about careers and education and enjoy connecting companies and individuals. With my business background, I act as a mentor, helping clients make a move from employment to self-employment and start their own businesses and act as an impartial soundboard for any ideas they may have.

Sometimes clients have a great business idea but feel scared of taking the next steps. With career coaching, you will have someone to motivate, guide, and support you on your new career journey. 

Alongside working as a career consultant, I also teach employability workshops, including entrepreneurial networking and building and maintaining a strategic network of industry connections. 

Some of the many things Career Coaching can help you feel more confident about:

Changing Career
Harnessing Your Strengths
Handling Promotion
Balancing Work and Life
Exploring Careers Options
Developing Your Personal Brand

A person with a tenacious attitude knows that with hard work and determination, they can achieve anything! 

Actor Mentoring

Combining my entertainment industry knowledge as a talent manager and casting director with my experience in career guidance means I can help guide actors to unlock their full potential.​ I work as a mentor with actors helping to build their self-esteem, motivation and confidence. Help them create their profiles, market themselves, choose suitable headshots and showreels, network skills and help with writing to casting directors, producers, agencies, and much more!

As an actor, you are a commodity and need to learn how to sell yourself to potential employers. So, it is crucial to know your brand and how to market yourself, your unique selling points (USP), the things that make you stand out above all others and ensure network profiles are complete to a high professional standard. 

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