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Coaching Testimonials

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"I'm so grateful to Emily for offering coaching sessions for those of us who aren't yet trained actors. I found it incredibly helpful to talk through what I was interested in doing and hearing from someone who knows the industry well about the different paths to getting there. I walked away with a lot more clarity and confidence."

Veronika, Actor Mentoring

"My sessions with Emily were great! She helped me gain clarity and further explore my goals, I love her approach!"

Gloria Battini, Business Coaching

"Emily really took the time to understand what I needed and tailor the session. Very happy, highly recommend!"

Sarah Stevens-Brown, Career Coaching

"Emily is easy to talk with and knows all the right questions to ask in order to get to the bottom of your problems! She helped me find a clear direction for a couple of projects I have and set goals in order for me to make progress. If I need any guidance or help in the future, I'll definitely contact her again! I highly recommend her as a coach."

Tina Barnes, Writer, Career Coaching

"I had 3 therapeutic coaching sessions with Emily via my bank and found them really helpful. Emily suggested strategies mainly geared around improving my work/life balance, all of which have continued to be helpful since the sessions. She's easy to talk to, makes great use of the time available during sessions and has had an impact for me :)"

Ryan Barker, Business Coaching

"Emily helped me out tremendously. She's a superb listener, she totally understood my situation and gave me the support and clarity I needed. By looking at things in a different way I was able to get out of the loop I was in. Can definitely recommend!"

Oli Cohen, Film Director, Entertainment Coaching

"We brought Emily on board to offer film career advice at the London Film & TV Job Fair and she did an excellent job. It was a very intense and long way and Emily went above and beyond to offer as much value and advice to the attendees as possible. A huge amount of the positive reviews from the event mentioned that Emily was the highlight."

Zbigniew Siwek, Cine Circle, TV and Film Career Fair

"The call was fantastic - we had an initial chat to discuss what I would like to work on so that Emily could better understand what it was that I was looking to achieve from the session, and I was asked to complete a short questionnaire and make a list of my strengths and weaknesses so that the session could be tailored to me. During the call, we set some small tasks for me to complete which were very simple things that I could do to help me achieve my goals. I really enjoyed the session and I have already implemented many of the things we discussed. I would definitely recommend to anyone who may be considering coaching."

Jessica Smith, Actor, Career Coaching

"I was so grateful for the really helpful coaching session I had with Emily. We talked about a range of issues, such as confidence and acting-related concerns I had as a soon-to-be graduate. Emily was supportive and really helped me to understand how I could put in place positive strategies to achieve my goals. I'd definitely recommend her to anybody, and particularly actors."

Han Rose, Actor, Career Coaching

"Emily has really helped me harness some motivation during a time where it feels like we are completely helpless. I’ve made some positive steps towards my goals which Emily helped me set after we identified what is most important to me. I would definitely recommend Emily to anyone needing some guidance, who is feeling a little stuck and in need of some help with setting goals and achieving them."

Gabbie Clark, Dancer, Spiritual Coaching

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