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Acting Mentor

Combining my entertainment industry knowledge as an actor, talent manager, and casting director with my career development training, I specialise in actor mentoring and offering career advice and guidance for actors. As an actor, treating your creative work as a business is important. Through actor mentoring, we can build your self-confidence and resilience, identify your brand, ensure your marketing materials are top notch and help you navigate the acting business landscape, with or without an agent.

Mentoring will help you feel more motivated and confident about standing out from the crowd and developing a successful and sustainable career in the entertainment industry

Locations:  Your 1-2-1 actor mentoring sessions last 60 or 90 minutes and occur remotely via Zoom. I accept bookings from clients in the UK, Australia, Europe and the USA. Book 2 or more sessions at the same time and save 15%. Packages can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

"I was so grateful for the really helpful coaching session I had with Emily. We talked about a range of issues, such as confidence and acting related concerns I had as a soon to be graduate. Emily was supportive and really helped me to understand how I could put in place positive strategies to achieve my goals. I'd definitely recommend her to anybody, and particularly actors."

Hannah Roze Lewis, Actor Mentoring

What is Actor Mentoring?

Are you an aspiring actor looking to make it big in the entertainment industry? Then, you already know that talent and dedication are essential. But did you know that having a mentor can be the secret to success in acting?

Working with a coach is not just for beginners – even experienced actors rely on coaches to fine-tune their skills and take their auditions and performances to the next level. A coach brings a fresh perspective, helping actors discover their strengths and weaknesses and guiding them to reach their full potential. An actor mentor is not just a teacher or a coach. They are someone who has walked the path that you want to tread. They understand the industry inside out and can provide valuable insights and guidance that no textbook can offer. A mentor knows what it takes to make it in the competitive world of acting and can help you navigate the challenges and pitfalls along the way. 


Having an actor mentor can be invaluable in pursuing a successful acting career and can help you take control of your career path. They can provide personalised feedback, help you refine your skills, offer career advice, and provide a support system that understands the unique challenges that actors face. So, if you're ready to take your acting career to the next level, it's time to consider the transformative power of actor mentoring.

Acting Mentor - Image by Jakob Owens

Potential Areas to Work Upon

  • Agents: How to find, approach and get an acting agent and identify suitable options.

  • Career Growth: Build confidence and resistance and the ability to bounce back quickly.

  • Casting Directors: Understand how and what to write to industry professionals.

  • New to the UK: Help to understand and navigate the UK acting landscape.

  • Showreels: Actor showreel advice and tips on what makes good showreels.

  • Soundboard: Practice a presentation, industry pitch or networking skills.

  • Problem-solving: Develop new ideas and hone your craft and creative skills.

  • Actor Headshots: Help you choose a photographer and plan your headshot session.

  • Acting Auditions: Feedback to help hone and improve your actor audition pieces.

  • Finding Work: How to find acting work, marketing and making opportunities.

  • Challenge: Support to push past self-limiting beliefs and blocks to potential.

  • Goals: Identify SMART career goals and create a roadmap to achieving them.  

  • Freelance: Support and guidance on becoming a UK freelancer.

Audition Coaching - Prepare a Script

Working with an acting coach can be beneficial when auditioning for larger acting roles or drama school auditions. Using my talent manager and casting director experience, I'll collaborate with you to help you hone and bring out the nuances in your character, refine your script, improve your delivery, and provide valuable feedback and guidance on your performance.


During one-on-one script preparation, if needed you'll have the opportunity to work through your script line by line, getting guidance on everything from your tone and pacing to your body language and facial expressions. By the session's end, you'll feel more confident and prepared than ever to tackle your audition.

Need a Self-Tape Reader?

If you need a reader, once we've worked on your script, I'll hit record and be your reader while you perform, then send you the recording at the end of the session.

Who is it Suitable for?

  • Applying to university or drama school and want help to hone their auditions.

  • Preparing a monologue for agent auditions.

  • TV and Screen Acting Techniques.

  • Working on a script for auditions and self-tapes.

Actor Mentor: Marketing Package

Clarity and Direction

Identifying your skills, experience, passions, and areas for growth will help you build self-awareness and clarify what you want and need from your acting career.

Identify Your Brand

Your brand is your identity as an actor and should reflect your unique personality, skills, and values. Whether you're just starting out or looking to reinvent yourself, I can provide guidance and support to help you explore and find your authentic brand that truly reflects your strengths and who you are.

Build Self-Confidence

Remove blocks and empower yourself to confidently share your talents with the world through a fresh approach.

Optimise Marketing Materials

Once we've established your brand, we'll collaborate on headshots, showreels, websites, IMDB and Spotlight profile curation, increasing your online brand visibility.

Build Your Actors Networks

Networking for actors is one of the most powerful tools in an acting career toolbox. Discover the art of building and leveraging professional networks to accelerate your career growth. Identify and cultivate connections online and at in-person events. Learn how to make connections in the entertainment industry, which can help you achieve your acting career goals. 

Marketing Package

4 hrs | £280 | Zoom 

Clarity and Direction

Identify Your Brand

Build Self-Confidence

Create a Career Plan

Refine Marketing Materials

Networking and Selling

Book a Discovery Call

Book a free 20-minute discovery call to take the first step towards a fulfilling acting career. With years of experience in career coaching and actor mentoring, I'll provide the guidance you need to take your acting career to the next level.  Please fill in your details below, and I'll be back in touch to arrange a mutually convenient day and time. I aim to respond to all requests within 2-4 hours, apart from on weekends and bank holidays. 

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