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Career Coaching services for the Creatives industry

Career Coaching for Creatives

I understand your world

As someone who also works in the creative industry as a creative entrepreneur, I know firsthand the challenges that come along with pursuing a career in this field. That's why I offer career coaching services specifically designed for creatives. My career coaching services are personalised to fit your needs, and my aim is to help you achieve your full potential by providing professional guidance, support, and proven strategies.

As a professional career coach, I work with a range of creative individuals at various stages of their careers, from graduates through to professionals, including coaches, performers, writers/literature, artists, designers, media, fashion, music, marketing, publishing, dance, presenters, filmmakers, singers, creative entrepreneurs, computer games,  journalists, advertising, and architecture. Basically, it's a wide variety of clients across the arts, TV, film, theatre and creative industries sectors.


Your 1-2-1 career coaching sessions last 60 or 90 minutes and occur remotely via Zoom. Book 2 or more sessions at the same time and save 20%. After the discovery call, you can also purchase one of the career coaching packages below, which I can customise to suit your requirements.

Be Creative Industries Career SMART!

What is Career Coaching?

Are you feeling stuck in your career and unsure of how to progress? It's a common challenge many professionals face, but fortunately, there is a solution: working with a career coach. A professional career coach can provide you with the tailored guidance and support you need to maximise your career growth, find the ideal job and achieve your career goals.

With my expertise and experience, I can help you assess your skills and strengths, gain a fresh perspective and find clarity, identify potential areas for improvement, overcome obstacles and roadblocks and craft a personalised career development plan. I can also provide valuable insights and strategies for navigating the job market, advancing in your current role, or even transitioning to a new career.

By working with a career coach, you gain access to a wealth of tools and resources that can help you enhance your professional skills, boost your confidence, and overcome any obstacles standing in your way. I can offer valuable feedback and guidance, helping you fine-tune your resume, improve your interview skills, and develop effective networking strategies.

Investing in a career coach is an investment in yourself and your future. With my support, you can unlock your full potential, seize new opportunities, and chart a career path to long-term success. Career coaching can be helpful for people at any stage of their career, whether you're a graduate just starting out, looking to make a change, or seeking to advance in your current role.

Career Coaching Packages

Marketing and Networking

3hrs | £299 | Zoom 

20 Minutes Discovery Call

Clarity and Direction

Marketing and Branding

Networking and Selling

Career Change Package

5hrs | £499 | Zoom 

20 Minutes Discovery Call

Clarity and Direction

Create a Career Plan

Marketing and Branding

Job Search Strategies

360 Interview Guidance

Articles to Support Your Growth

Career Start/Restart Package

6hrs | £599 | Zoom 

20 Minutes Discovery Call

Clarity and Direction

Create a Career Plan

Build Self Confidence

Marketing and Branding

Job Search Strategies

360 Interview Guidance

Articles to Support Your Growth

Career coaching for creatives - Image by Arnel Hasanovic

Potential Areas to Explore

  • Soundboard: Practice a job presentation or creative industry pitch.

  • Interviews: Mock job interviews with career guidance and feedback.

  • Jobs: Finding TV and film creative media jobs and the hidden job market. 

  • LinkedIn: Ensure your LinkedIn profile is being fully utilised. 

  • Problem-solving: Develop new ideas and hone your creative skills.

  • Leadership: Break through self-limiting beliefs and identify opportunities. 

  • Role-Play: Improve communication, nonverbal and verbal skills.

  • Passion: Reignite your work passions and redevelop your vision and goals.

  • Brand: Establish and elevate your professional brand.

  • Support: Help to transition to new job roles or pivot to a new career.

  • Growth: Build resistance and the ability to bounce back quickly.

  • Goals: Prioritise career goals and create a road map to achieving them. 

  • Freelance: Support to transition from being an employee to a freelancer.

Are you tired of submitting the same old CV and getting nowhere with your job search? It's time to take things up a notch and consider CV coaching. With expert guidance from a career coach, you can transform your job search and elevate your chances of landing your dream job.

As a professional career development coach, I understand the importance of having a well-written CV and cover letter to get to the interview stage. That’s why I can help you optimise and tailor your job applications for recruiters. By helping you improve your self-awareness and identity, highlighting your transferable skills, and including the right keywords, you’ll be one step closer to landing that interview and creative job you seek. 

CV Coaching Package

1hr 40mins | £149 | Zoom 

20 Minutes Discovery Call

60 Minutes Coaching

20 Minutes Post CV Review

Build Your Self Awareness

Highlight Your Skills

Optimise Your CV

Make Yourself Standout

Book a Discovery Call

Book a free 20-minute discovery call today to learn more about how I can help you find the direction, inspiration, and motivation you need to succeed. Please fill in your details below, and I'll be back in touch to arrange a mutually convenient day and time. I aim to respond to all requests within 2-4 hours, apart from on weekends and bank holidays. 

Thanks for submitting!

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