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Entertainment Industry Coaching

"For me, filmmaking combines everything. That’s the reason I’ve made cinema my life’s work. In films, painting and literature, theatre and music come together. But a film is still a film."
Akira Kurosawa

Entertainment Industry Coaching

As a seasoned career coach with over 20 years of business management and mentoring experience, I pride myself on helping clients achieve success while also maintaining mindfulness and balance in their daily lives.

Alongside coaching, I am also the managing director of Reflections Talent Agency, a global company whose actors have performed worldwide in some fantastic projects. So, I understand that success in the entertainment industry requires a unique set of skills and a lot of hard work!

As an entertainment industry career coach, my services are designed to empower you with the tools and resources you need to succeed in this highly competitive field. Whether you are just starting out or looking to advance your entertainment industry career, let's work together to create a tailored plan for success that fits your unique needs and ambitions.

Book your discovery call today, and take the first step towards achieving your dreams. During your one-on-one consultation, we'll discuss your career goals, how I can support you on this journey, and answer any questions you may have about my coaching services. 

Locations: Your 1-2-1 Entertainment Industry Coaching sessions last 75 minutes and occur remotely via Zoom or Teams. I accept bookings from clients in the UK, Europe and the USA. 

"We brought Emily on board to offer film career advice at the London Film & TV Job Fair, and she did an excellent job. It was a very intense and long way and Emily went above and beyond to offer as much value and advice to the attendees as possible. A huge amount of the positive reviews from the event mentioned that Emily was the highlight."

Zbigniew Siwek, Cine Circle, TV and Film Career Fair

What is Entertainment Coaching?

To achieve long-term success, it is essential to not only work harder but also work smarter. Entertainment Industry Coaching can provide various benefits, including helping you identify professional goals and feel more satisfied, discover your ideal career path, and support you in making a career change. A career coach can assist you in making decisions and provide you with the space and time to discuss your feelings without dictating what you should do. Every career journey is unique, and personalized support is necessary to succeed; no two career journeys are the same.

Be Entertainment Career SMART!

Coaching Provides a Safe Space to Grow

Image by Peter Stumpf
  • Soundboard: Practice a presentation, industry pitch or networking skills.

  • Problem-solving: Develop new ideas and hone your creative skills.

  • Role-Play: Improve communication, nonverbal and verbal skills.

  • Interviews: Mock interviews with guidance and feedback.

  • LinkedIn: Learn how to format your LinkedIn profile for the film industry.

  • Passion: Reignite your work passions and redevelop your visions & goals.

  • Support: Help to transition to new roles.

  • Brand: Establish and elevate your professional brand.

  • Growth: Build resistance and the ability to bounce back quickly.

  • Path: Identify suitable career options.

  • Goals: Prioritise career goals and create a road map to achieving them. 

  • Freelance: Support to transition from being an employee to a freelancer.

Building Your Networks

Making connections in the entertainment industry is crucial to taking your career to the next level. With my entertainment industry career coaching services, you'll learn how to navigate social media, LinkedIn, and other platforms to connect with the right people in the TV, Film and Media industries. I'll also help you develop a strong elevator pitch that highlights your unique strengths and talents. Let me help you build the industry network you need to succeed.

Creative Industry Success!

Are you looking to succeed in the creative industry? My Entertainment Industry Coaching is designed to help you achieve your film, TV and media career goals. I'll provide a confidential and impartial soundboard approach that will support your every step. With my guidance and accountability support, you'll be able to focus on bringing your entertainment industry career dreams to fruition.


Want to Know More?

Let's chat about your goals and ways to make it happen. A Discovery Call with me is a chance to explore your options and chart the course towards a successful future. 

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