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Inside Entertainment Industry Careers

Join host Emily Maguire in lively conversations with entertainment professionals from every corner of the creative industry. Each episode explores my guests’ career journeys and passions for their roles. Not only will you gain valuable career insights, but you will also leave feeling inspired and motivated by my guests’ unique experiences in pursuing their passions.

Available on all major apps including; Apple, Google, Amazon, Spotify and Samsung.

Production Designer Sally Lock

Episode 5

Harry Styles to James Corden: Production Designer Sally Lock

Listen to production designer Sally Lock share her inspiring career journey, passion, and insights for creating visually captivating production sets in film and TV.

Fringe Theatre to Marvel & Disney: Costume Designer Sarah Dearing

Episode 4

Fringe Theatre to Marvel & Disney: Costume Designer Sarah Dearing

Discover the insightful career journey of Sarah Juliet Dearing, Costume Designer and Maker who has created designs for a range of projects, including Marvel and Disney. 

Cannes Actor to AFI-Award Winning Director: Stefano Da Fre

Episode 3

Cannes Actor to AFI-Award Winning Director: Stefano Da Fre

Enjoy the inspiring journey of Stefano Da Fre as he shares insights from being a Cannes film actor to becoming an AFI-award-winning film producer and director.

Makeup Artist to Prosthetics: The Career Journey of Vicky Voller

Episode 2

Holby City - House of the Dragon: Makeup Designer Vicky Voller

Discover the exciting world of hair, makeup, and prosthetics with Vicky Voller, a makeup designer for film and television who has worked on high-profile productions.

Podcast Episode - Actor Rachel Grant

Episode 1

Nottingham to Hollywood: Actor Rachel Grant

Discover the captivating journey of Nottingham-born Actor Rachel Grant, from early arts exposure to her iconic role in James Bond. Tips and insights for actors

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Inside Entertainment Careers: Podcast Trailer

This is a welcome message from your host, Emily Maguire, introducing the podcast and providing details about the upcoming episodes and what listeners can expect.

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