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Emily Maguire UK Career Coach and Business Coach
Registered Professional 2324

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Do you find yourself longing for more fulfilment and satisfaction in your professional life? If so, you're not alone. Many individuals struggle with finding their true calling and unlocking their full potential. That's where career coaching services come in.


I'm an impartial career coach, business coach for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers, and actor mentor with over 20 years of business management and mentoring experience and over 1000 coaching and mentoring hours working with clients worldwide. I hold a postgraduate degree in career development and am also a registered career development professional and qualified career advisor.


My extensive training means I'm equipped and have experience working with a range of people from different backgrounds and job sectors, from graduates to professionals. However, my speciality lies in working with those in the creative and entertainment industries. Creatives include coaches, performers, writers, artists, designers, fashion, music, editors, marketing, publishing, presenters, photographers, filmmakers, media, creative entrepreneurs, journalists, advertising, and architecture. Basically, a wide variety of individuals across the arts and creative industry sectors.

In addition to coaching, I am also the owner and Managing Director of Reflections Talent Agency™. Some of my recent film, TV and commercial work includes Mission Impossible, Dungeons and Dragons, Sanditon, Carnival Row, Knuckles, 5lbs of Pressure and Operation Fortune.


I believe in fostering a mindfulness coaching environment to support and empower my client's professional development. Whether you're starting a new business, just starting out in your career or looking for career advice or to make a career change, I can provide guidance, support, and practical tools to help you navigate your professional journey with confidence. 

Learn more about how career coaching can help you achieve your career goals.

How can career coaching benefit you?

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Direction and Progress

"Emily is easy to talk with and knows all the right questions to ask in order to get to the bottom of your problems! She helped me find a clear direction for a couple of projects I have and set goals in order for me to make progress. If I need any guidance or help in the future, I'll definitely contact her again! I highly recommend her as a coach."

Tina Barnes

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Helpful and Supportive

"I was so grateful for the really helpful coaching session I had with Emily. We talked about a range of issues, such as confidence and acting-related concerns I had as a soon-to-be graduate. Emily was supportive and really helped me to understand how I could put in place positive strategies to achieve my goals. I'd definitely recommend her to anybody, and particularly actors."

Han Roze

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Motivation and Guidance

"Emily has really helped me harness some motivation during a time where it feels like we are completely helpless. I’ve made some positive steps towards my goals which Emily helped me set after we identified what is most important to me. I would definitely recommend Emily to anyone needing some guidance, who is feeling a little stuck and in need of some help with setting goals and achieving them."

Gabbie Clark

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